Parent Participation Preschool

We help children reach their full potential.

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About APPS

Almaden Parents' Preschool (APPS) is a parent participation preschool with a 48-year history of providing exceptional education in a supportive, creative and safe environment. Through play based learning the disciplines of literature, science, art, math, culinary arts, music and creativity are unlocked. Together, parents and teachers create an environment that is positive, safe, and fun so children can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. At APPS, we help children reach their full potential.


APPS Benefits


Whole Child Focus

Positive Discipline Environment

Low Adult-Child Ratios

4 Class Options

5 Decades of Experience


Class Options

1-Day Class

Our 1-day class is designed to introduce toddlers and their families to preschool. The class experience introduces toddlers to shared space with their peer groups and encourages parents to experience the joys and community of a Parent Co-op Preschool. The parent participants will assist in the children's learning experience by facilitating interactions in the classroom.

Monday; 12:30pm-2pm

2-Day Class

In our 2-day class, preschoolers expand their experience, with the teacher and parents working together to make learning fun and enjoyable. Children have the opportunity to play indoors and outdoors. In addition to free play, in each session there is a snack and group circle times. Children are encouraged to participate in art, science, cooking projects and field trips.

Tuesday & Thursday; 9am-11:30am

3-Day Class

For our 3-day class, the teacher and parents focus on facilitating the development of important social skills. In the midst of learning about friendships and resolving conflicts, we have fun exploring areas such as music, storytelling, scientific concepts, creative arts, cooking, number activities, and physical play. We gather together for circle times and snack, and go out into the world on class field trips.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 9am-11:30am

4-Day/Pre-K Class

Pre-K class focuses on the developmental and academic needs of children who will be going on to Kindergarten/TK. Children are introduced to concepts such as �show and tell�, storytelling, beginning math and printing skills, indoor play-based theme stations and small group work. They�re encouraged to participate in art, science, music, cooking, dramatic play, and gross and fine motor activities.

Tuesday-Friday; 12:30pm-3pm

What Parents Say

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  • "I was initially nervous about the time commitment that joining a co-op pre-school would entail, but it has been a huge blessing to have a front row seat to witness my son's emotional, social and academic growth. I'm so glad to have a direct impact on his first school experience."

  • "I've seen a big growth in my daughter's maturity, social skills,
    and self-confidence thanks to what she has learned at APPS."

  • "I cannot say how grateful I am for APPS. This is an excellent preschool and can only be of benefit to parents and their children who want a positive preschool experience."