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Wednesdays, June 5 to August 7
Except July 3

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About APPS

Almaden Parents' Preschool (APPS) in San Jose is a parent participation (or co-op) preschool with a 50-year history of providing exceptional education in a supportive, creative and safe environment. Through play-based learning, the disciplines of literature, science, art, math, culinary arts, music and creativity are unlocked. Together, parents and teachers create an environment that is positive, safe, and fun so children can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. At APPS, we help children reach their full potential.

We are conveniently located for families looking for a preschool in Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley or nearby areas, including ZIP codes 95123, 95136, 95120 and 9511.

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APPS Benefits


Whole Child Focus

Positive Discipline Environment

Excellent Adult-Child Ratios (1:3)

4 Class Options

5 Decades of Experience


Almenden Parents Pre-School in San Jose provides an opportunity for parents and children to experience nursery school together. They learn skills they need to be supportive parents and good students. All of our classes offer age appropriate play, learning experiences and social activities. Like some Montessori programs, developmental play based learning is at the core of every activity at APPS. The play and learn centers in each class include arts and crafts, science, music, cooking, block building, a playhouse with dress-up costumes, a library, and activities tables for puzzles, manipulatives and play-dough. Outside play areas include swings, a large play structure, playhouses, children's garden, painting easels, large sand areas, carpentry area, long tracks for bikes and wheel toys, areas for water play and a large lawn and grassy hill.

Each day, our teachers share stories and encourage children to participate in play, songs and fingerplays to develop literacy and pre-reading skills. Children also develop early math skills with counting and sorting activities. Music is learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning style of very young children. Our arts and craft area is always ready with fresh projects where children are encouraged to experiment through the process of creating. They explore sensory experiences and science through activities with a wide variety of materials and projects about plants, animals and natural phenomena.

We focus on the social emotional learning of each individual child, using Positive Discipline techniques. Parents learn along with the children, learning age-appropriate techniques that will help them guide their children to become self-controlled and socially adept individuals.

Our children also enjoy regularly scheduled holiday parties and field trips throughout the school year. Some of the favorite excursions include trips to the Pumpkin Patch, San Jose Fire Station 12, Emma Prusch Farms, the Planetarium at DeAnza College, Natural Bridges State Beach and the Caltrain trip to Palo Alto. APPS is proud to be an "intercultural" preschool. Our curriculum explores how music and art have been enriched by the contribution of each culture or ethnic group. At APPS, those cultural enrichments are explored at a preschool level as we seek to emphasize that different cultures can successfully cooperate and grow together within one society. At the core of all of our structured and unstructured activities, children are encouraged to explore, experiment and experience.

Positive Discipline Association Seal

APPS is one of 14 schools worldwide that have been accepted into the Positive Discipline Association's Lab School Program.

Schools are evaluated based on the length of their whole-school implementation, percentage of staff trained in Positive Discipline and the depth of their practices in the classroom and community.

When you enroll at APPS you get the benefit of regular parent education from our teachers and Positive Discipline coach, and have ongoing support from members of our school community who are constantly striving toward a culture of belonging, significance and mutual respect.

Class Options

For every class option, parents are expected to participate in one class a week. On other class days, parents are welcome to stay and spend extra time with their child or to drop off and enjoy their free time. A healthy snack, including vegetables, fruit, water and milk are provided. Accommodations are made for children with allergies.

Unlike some of the other nursery schools or pre-schools out there, APPS does not require children to be potty trained to begin their pre-school experience. We support families in any stage of potty readiness with a diaper changing station and easily accessible restrooms. Further, a teacher will change your child's diaper if you are not avilable. Spare clothing is provided if an accident happens.

The age ranges below are basic guidelines. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Board.

Tuition is subject to change on July 1, 2019.

1-Day Class

Age by Sept. 1 of school year: 1 yr 6 mo.

Our 1-day class is designed to introduce toddlers and their families to preschool. The class experience introduces toddlers to shared space with their peer groups and encourages parents to experience the joys and community of a Parent Co-op Preschool. The parent participants will assist in the children's learning experience by facilitating interactions in the classroom.

Monday; 12:30pm-2:30pm

2-Day Class

Age by Sept. 1 of school year: 2 yr. 6 mo. to 3 yr. 9 mo.

In our 2-day class, preschoolers expand their experience, with the teacher and parents working together to make learning fun and enjoyable. Children have the opportunity to play indoors and outdoors. In addition to free play, in each session there are a snack and group circle times. Children are encouraged to participate in art, science, cooking projects and field trips.

Tuesday & Thursday; 9am-11:30am

3-Day Class

Age by Sept. 1 of school year: 2 yr. 6 mo. to 5 yr.

For our 3-day class, the teacher and parents focus on facilitating the development of important social skills. In the midst of learning about friendships and resolving conflicts, we have fun exploring areas such as music, storytelling, scientific concepts, creative arts, cooking, number activities, and physical play. We gather together for circle times and snack, and go out into the world on class field trips.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 9am-11:30am

4-Day/Pre-K Class

Age by Sept. 1 of school year: 3 yr. 6 mo. to 5

The Pre-Kindergarten class focuses on the developmental and academic needs of children who will be going on to Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten. Children are introduced to concepts such as "show and tell", storytelling, beginning math and printing skills, indoor play-based theme stations and small group work. They're encouraged to participate in art, science, music, cooking, dramatic play, and gross and fine motor activities.

Tuesday-Friday; 12:30pm-3pm

What Parents Say

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  • "I was initially nervous about the time commitment that joining a co-op pre-school would entail, but it has been a huge blessing to have a front row seat to witness my son's emotional, social and academic growth. I'm so glad to have a direct impact on his first school experience."

  • "I've seen a big growth in my daughter's maturity, social skills,
    and self-confidence thanks to what she has learned at APPS."

  • "I cannot say how grateful I am for APPS. This is an excellent preschool and can only be of benefit to parents and their children who want a positive preschool experience."