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Almaden Parents' Preschool (APPS) in San Jose is a parent participation (or co-op) preschool with a 50-year history of providing exceptional education in a supportive, creative and safe environment. Through play-based learning, the disciplines of literature, science, art, math, culinary arts, music and creativity are unlocked. Together, parents and teachers create an environment that is positive, safe, and fun so children can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. At APPS, we help children reach their full potential.

We are conveniently located for families looking for a preschool in Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley or nearby areas, including ZIP codes 95123, 95136, 95120 and 95111.

Coronavirus Announcement

After we closed out the 2019-20 school year under such surreal and baffling conditions, we are already looking ahead to fall.  We are listening to our governor, the scientists, and public health officials to make the best decisions we can to ensure the safety of all members of our APPS community. 

Understanding that September is still months away and conditions change week to week, we are planning for the 2020-2021 school year as we would for any year.  The difference is that we aren’t yet sure what the format for Co-op Preschool education and parent education will be.  Be confident that we will resume normal operations as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. 

To make decisions regarding the format of Co-op Preschool we will follow guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), CA State, CA State Department of Education, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, Oak Grove Public Schools and Santa Clara County Office of Education.

At this point some possibilities that we are considering include, but aren’t limited to:  

  • Limiting the number or children and adults in the classrooms
  • Combination of in-class and online content
  • Outdoor sessions
  • Taking temperatures before entering
  • Wearing masks/face shields
  • Extra hand washing and hand sanitizing
  • No snacks or meals on campus
  • Extra room cleanings before/after and during class

It is uncomfortable for all of us not to have concrete knowledge regarding the format for Co-op Preschool next year.  If we need to continue in an online format to start the fall, we will take all we’ve learned in the last 3 months to create best practices so that content delivery across sites and classes will be consistent and age appropriate.  If we can meet in person to some degree, we will follow previously listed options.  More definitive directives are likely still weeks away. 

APPS teachers, Board, CA Dept of Community Care Licensing and the Santa Clara Valley Council of Parent Co-op Preschools will be called into service in a big way well before school starts up again to help make decisions.  If you would like to help your preschool navigate these decisions, please reach out to us with ideas and inquire about serving in a leadership capacity for next school year. We value your input.

Know that your Parent Educators and Children’s Teachers are in this with you.  We have appreciated your flexibility and commitment this spring. Please continue to share your thoughts and concerns with us as we move forward.

With gratitude,

APPS Board and Teachers

At APPS teachers guide the learning process in a creative and safe environment. Parents help to manage the classroom, providing guidance to the kids while learning new educational methods and the principles of Positive Discipline. 

This is a place where your voice as a parent is heard. You play an important role in leading and teaching your child.

We are a supportive community of parents, teachers and preschoolers working together to learn and teach the social and academic skills needed to thrive in this world. Join us!

  • Family with kids at APPS
    I cannot say how grateful I am for APPS. This is an excellent preschool and can only be of benefit to parents and their children who want a positive preschool experience.
  • Father and daughter
    I've seen a big growth in my daughter's maturity, social skills, and self-confidence thanks to what she has learned at APPS.
  • Mother and Child
    I was initially nervous about the time commitment that joining a co-op pre-school would entail, but it has been a huge blessing to have a front row seat to witness my son's emotional, social and academic growth. I'm so glad to have a direct impact on his first school experience.

APPS does not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or language in its admission policies, administration of programs, recruitment and staffing.